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Participants wanted for sign language flash mob

More people are needed for a flash mob performing a song in sign language at Westgate Centre, Oxford, for Deaf Awareness Week.

BSL test announced for new Deaf apprentices

Deaf students and school leavers struggling to gain adequate qualifications will now be given better access to apprenticeships thanks to changes announced by the...
signing hands

Why we need more sign language interpreters in our hospitals

Imran Najafi says a lack of adequate provisions for deaf people in hospitals leads to an unacceptable lack of communication. When any of us go...
bda board back to our future

Back to our future

BDA’s biggest event of the year: a special report packed with videos to help you re-live a wonderful week by the sea in Torquay –...

Why Deaf Awareness Week is important

This week, 6-12th May we are celebrating Deaf Awareness Week. There’s so many incredible things going on this week, from UK Council on Deafness’ theme of ‘Celebrating Deaf Role Models’ to Action on Hearing Loss’ ‘#DontBeADonut Be Deaf Aware’ campaign and people sharing their stories on social media.

New milestone for the BSL Charter

Dr Terry Riley, Chair of the BDA, tells British Deaf News about the first signing of the BSL Charter by a Deaf mental health services provider. The...

Starbucks promote We Sign Cafe (BSL)

- It’s not uncommon for customers visiting London’s Jubilee Place, Canary Wharf Starbucks to sign “good morning” and “thank you” as they place their orders....

ASIMO Robot learns Sign Language

Meet ASIMO, one of the world’s most well-known humanoid robots. ASIMO was created by Japanese manufacturer Honda back in 2000 and is one of the most advanced robots in the world, possessing the ability to walk independently, climb stairs, understand gestures and spoken commands, and mimic many other human functions accurately.

Chats with Dr Audrey Cameron – the first Deaf Doctor in Scotland

Charlene Dolan from Deaf Roots & Pride - BDA Scotland had the opportunity to interview Dr Audrey Cameron CChem MRSC. Dr Audrey Cameron gained...

A letter to… our child, who is deaf, for whom we have to make...

Extracted from The Guardian - 16 December 2017.  Forgive me, my darling girl, we are going to make a decision for you. It is a...