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Wednesday, January 29, 2020
Tony Boyce, our BDHS President, gave a welcoming speech and cut the ribbon to declare the Deaf Museum open

The Re-opening of the Deaf Museum (video)

https://vimeo.com/202917312 Following the move from our old premises at 11-13 Wilson Patten Street , the period from 1st October to 31st January saw the Deaf...

The Importance of Celebrating Deaf Culture at Deaf Events

A few weeks back we held the Norfolk Summer Deaf Festival (NSDF) for the second year running at The Forum in Norwich. After being a guest speaker at the first one last year, I was so keen to get involved first hand with the festival so I was lucky to be invited to be part of the committee to help organise this fantastic day.
robin with family

Deaf Roots and Pride: The importance of role models

The presence of a role model one can aspire to is crucial for the wellbeing of a young person as they grow up –...

“Trump” is Swiss Sign of the Year

Donald Trump has beaten off stiff competition from “Netflix”, “vegan” and “deportation” to be chosen as “sign of the year” by the Swiss Deaf...
fraud couple

Pay back time: Access to Work fraudsters ordered to repay

Two fraudsters who went on lavish holidays abroad after illegally claiming hundreds of thousands of pounds from Access to Work have been ordered to...
Audism - Painting by Nancy Rourke


Audism. That word has been around for a while, but I don’t feel like people really know what it means. The word was coined in 1975...
Marcel - President of England Deaf Rugbyvideo

England Deaf Rugby to host Deaf All Blacks

https://youtu.be/eTXF6bxyVYM Text transcript for BSL video above: Hello, my name is Marcel and I am the president of England Deaf Rugby.  We have got exciting news to inform...
satellite view of margate deaf school

Site of Royal School Margate on the market

A Margate, Kent site that was formerly home to the oldest deaf school in the UK has been placed on the market in one...
harlow deaf club group

Harlow goes against the tide in opening a new Deaf club

Diane Jones tells the BDN why she felt it was important to have a hub for deaf people in her town and how she...
brexit leave remain

Brexit: Are we facing the UK’s greatest constitutional crisis yet?

This is the second of three articles about Brexit. After describing how Brexit will be achieved and what problems are likely to be encountered...