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Using technology to help Sign Language users access local services

https://vimeo.com/234312760 Devon County Council has introduced a new way for users of British Sign Language (BSL) to contact them via a Video Relay Service (VRS)....
colin allen wfd

Let’s talk with Colin Allen

This month we present the first part of a two part interview with the World Federation for the Deaf (WFD) President and newly elected...

Semiotic Theatre Company brings BSL into mainstream Theatre: ‘The Last Leaf’ review

Carlisle based Theatre Company; Semiotic held a successful production of their drama show; ‘The Last Leaf’ at the Carlisle Fringe Festival on 28th August.
Australian Sign Language finger spelling chart

Auslan National Curriculum roll out

The first national curriculum for Auslan (Australian Sign Language), will soon be rolled out in schools across Australia, in a move being described as...

Gallaudet University – ‘Deaf President Now’

Gallaudet University is the only one in the world where all seminars and lectures are in Sign. It is in Washington DC and was...
Dame Esther-Rantzen speaks on behalf of Exeter Deaf Academy at the House of Lords. Left: Tim Griffin - BSL Interpreter. Right: The Lord Speaker

Deaf Academy unveil designs for Exmouth at the House of Lords

Exeter Deaf Academy presented their plans for their world class Deaf Academy in Exmouth last week, at a prestigious event at the House of...
Signature Annual awards

Signature Community Spirit Award finalists – You decide the winner

The Signature Annual awards, in their ninth year, are established as the leading awards ceremony to celebrate deaf communication in the UK. This year, Signature...

How media divides or bridges the Deaf and Hearing communities

Historians usually classify civilisations by their economy: agrarian, feudal, industrial etc. However, another way of dividing them is by how they convey information: verbal vs visual civilisations. Images contain more information per pixel and are universally understood, but English only requires 26 characters to be printed or typed.

N.Ireland – Needs of deaf community not taken into account

From the Irish News - Letters to the Editor. Published 22nd May 2018 We are in agreement with the contents of a letter from Arnold...

Women’s Football Training Squad

Great Britain Deaf Women's Football Training Squad for the Deaflympics 2017 is announced. The final squad will be selected in April 2017. The GBDF Women’s...