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yerker anderson portrait

Obituary: Dr Yerker Andersson

World Federation for the Deaf Honorary President Dr Yerker Andersson passed away in Frederick, Maryland, USA on 18 July 2016. Dr Andersson served two terms...

Mandy Harvey – deaf singer got dazzled in “America’s Got Talent”

A phenomenal success for Mandy Harvey who became deaf in 10 years ago, aged 18, from a connective-tissue disorder where she has got ill,...

“Trump” is Swiss Sign of the Year

Donald Trump has beaten off stiff competition from “Netflix”, “vegan” and “deportation” to be chosen as “sign of the year” by the Swiss Deaf...

Sign Language Lawyer now social media star

Article from BBC News – Published 30/05/2018 When a lawyer posted a video in sign language about the danger of Ponzi schemes, his post...
Signing hands in black and white

Which is more efficient: talking or signing?

Until the 1960s, this question was very hard to answer. Video recording equipment was not advanced enough for studying Sign. The question would not...
Døvefilm under threat

Døvefilm (Deaf Film) – Danish Sign Language TV programme is under threat

GIVE YOUR SUPPORT TO KEEP DEAF TV LIVE IN DENMARK - SIGN THE PETITION - TAP HERE (Note: some Danish language included) On Thursday, 31 August,...

Japan’s first deaf bus driver

Meet 25-year-old Takeyama Matsuyama. According to Nihon (Japan) Bus Association, Japan's first deaf bus driver. Matsuyama, who has profound sensorineural hearing loss in both ears, makes two round trips between Tokyo and Haneda Airport a day.
BDN is the Top 50 Deaf Blog on the Internet

BDN is the Top 50 Deaf Blogs on the web!

British Deaf News is now ranking one of the Top 50 Deaf blogs list! Not only are we in the top 50, but we made...
Australian Sign Language finger spelling chart

Auslan National Curriculum roll out

The first national curriculum for Auslan (Australian Sign Language), will soon be rolled out in schools across Australia, in a move being described as...
mock trial proceedings

In search of justice

A mock trial by jury involving Deaf jurors was held in Sydney last year – the first of its kind – to assess whether...