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ASIMO Robot learns Sign Language

Meet ASIMO, one of the world’s most well-known humanoid robots. ASIMO was created by Japanese manufacturer Honda back in 2000 and is one of the most advanced robots in the world, possessing the ability to walk independently, climb stairs, understand gestures and spoken commands, and mimic many other human functions accurately.

Gene Simmons of Kiss tries to trademark the sign language gesture for ‘love’

Extracted from The Washington Post - 15 June 2017 - By Travis M. Andrews  Numerous historians long ago agreed that rock-and-roll emerged from Ike Turner’s “Rocket...

Sign Language Lawyer now social media star

Article from BBC News – Published 30/05/2018 When a lawyer posted a video in sign language about the danger of Ponzi schemes, his post...
drisana levitzke-gray

Intense but fantastic: My year in the national spotlight

In January 2015 Drisana Levitzke-Gray, of Balga in Western Australia, was awarded the ultimate accolade when she was named the Young Australian of the...
Generic Picture of American Prison

Georgia is denying equal access for deaf inmates in prison

Georgia isn't doing enough to help deaf and partially deaf people communicate while they're locked up and after they're released, which can lead to longer incarceration and more returns to prison, according to a new version of a federal lawsuit filed Wednesday.

Mandy Harvey – deaf singer got dazzled in “America’s Got Talent”

A phenomenal success for Mandy Harvey who became deaf in 10 years ago, aged 18, from a connective-tissue disorder where she has got ill,...
Døvefilm under threat

Døvefilm (Deaf Film) – Danish Sign Language TV programme is under threat

GIVE YOUR SUPPORT TO KEEP DEAF TV LIVE IN DENMARK - SIGN THE PETITION - TAP HERE (Note: some Danish language included) On Thursday, 31 August,...
cartoon park scene with birds signing

Opinion: The activation

Regular BDN contributor, Alexis Borochoff, describes the moment her Cochlear Implant was turned on and tells us how she adjusted to living between the...
north korea statue

Deaf advances in North Korea

WFD North Korea Committee Chair, Terry Riley, visits one of the world’s last communist societies, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea or North Korea...
deaf association of malta

A giant stride towards sign language recognition in Malta

A big step towards official recognition of sign language in Malta was taken in March when the Maltese Sign Language Recognition Bill was presented...