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Myths and misconceptions around deafness

Perhaps because I live and breathe it, I can’t quite understand why there are still so many inaccurate perceptions about deafness and hearing loss?
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The road to sign language legislation in Northern Ireland

More than a decade after recognition, the prospect of a BSL/ISL Bill in Northern Ireland is now closer to becoming a reality. The BDA’s...
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Deaf lad wins Sky subtitling victory

A teenager who squared up to Sky TV for “discriminating” against people with hearing impairments is celebrating a “victory” against the broadcaster. Six months ago,...
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Let’s talk with Colin Allen

This month we present the first part of a two part interview with the World Federation for the Deaf (WFD) President and newly elected...

Deaf Schools or Mainstream?

In 1792 Britain's first Deaf school, the Royal School for Deaf children, opened. It was closed in December 2015. According to the British Association of Teachers of the Deaf (BATOD), the number of Deaf schools fell from 75-21, 1982-2016. From 2011-18, there was a 14% decline in teachers of the Deaf and a 31% increase in demand.

NI Election Hustings Report (BSL)

https://youtu.be/5lb1bzsDWA4 You Vote – You Decide BDA Northern Ireland Election Hustings - 21st February 2017 Report by Majella McAteer & John Carberry Northern Ireland are due to...

Family of Deaf man had to tell him he was dying as hospital did...

The South-Eastern Health and Social Care Trust has apologised to the family of Thomas Carson who had to tell him he was dying because...

Improving access to council services for York’s Deaf community

City of York Council will make it easier for members of the city’s Deaf community to access services from 5th July 2017. A new video...

12 year old’s legal campaign to have BSL as a GCSE

Daniel Jillings has set up his own legal campaign to fight for a GCSE in British Sign Language. The campaign is receiving support through crowdfunding contributions on CrowdJustice.
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In search of justice

A mock trial by jury involving Deaf jurors was held in Sydney last year – the first of its kind – to assess whether...