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Saturday, July 2, 2022
alastair mcewin

Alastair McEwin: “A perfect role for me”

BDN was delighted to catch up recently with Deaf Society of NSW President Alastair McEwin following his appointment to the post of Disability Discrimination...

Man becomes first deaf juror in English court

Matthew Johnston from London is believed to be the first profoundly deaf person to sit on a jury in a crown court in England...

Captioned Theatre: Behind the Scenes!

Last week was all about recognising the wonders of captions. As part of Captioning Awareness Week, I was invited by Stagetext to watch a captioned performance of Mamma Mia the Musical in London!

Deafness in Employment: To disclose or not disclose?

Finding employment can be challenging but when you have a hearing loss, it can become much harder. The theme: To disclose or not disclose, was sparked by an experience of mine and discusses whether deaf people should have to reveal their deafness to potential employers.
colin allen wfd

Let’s talk with Colin Allen

This month we present the first part of a two part interview with the World Federation for the Deaf (WFD) President and newly elected...
we dont need a bsl act apparently

We don’t need a BSL Act, apparently

Rob Wilks, a qualified solicitor and formerly with the RAD Deaf Law Centre, argues that we must have BSL legislation to prevent Deaf people...

Let’s change negative stigma around deafness

One time during job interviews, I had two very different experiences; one within the hearing world and the other in the deaf world.
gavel wig

Signs of hope in court

How robust are procedures for Deaf people in British courts? Jessica Moore explores BSL legal interpreting. TV dramas and courtroom flicks aside, most of us...
damian barry terry riley dcal minister pledge

The road to sign language legislation in Northern Ireland

More than a decade after recognition, the prospect of a BSL/ISL Bill in Northern Ireland is now closer to becoming a reality. The BDA’s...
BHRUT Hospitals Deaf Charter Mark

Queen’s becomes the first hospital in the country to receive Deaf-Aware Quality Mark

The Royal Association for Deaf people (RAD) presented acting Chief Executive Jeff Buggle with its Deaf-Aware hospital Quality Mark on Monday (22 May). The hospital,...