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London, UK
Monday, October 14, 2019
march protestors

Stop Changes to Access to Work march

On Saturday 26 September, 1,000 deaf, disabled and non-disabled marchers from all over the UK took to the streets of London to protest against...
nottingham have your say/listening event

Inside the BSL Charter

Signing up to commit its public services to the BSL Charter – ensuring it is equally accessible for all – is no easy feat....
mock trial proceedings

In search of justice

A mock trial by jury involving Deaf jurors was held in Sydney last year – the first of its kind – to assess whether...
group of people

Health report calls for action

“It’s terrible that such a large part of the population is excluded from receiving the benefits of our health service that most of us...
gavel wig

Signs of hope in court

How robust are procedures for Deaf people in British courts? Jessica Moore explores BSL legal interpreting. TV dramas and courtroom flicks aside, most of us...