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Deaf Travel Tips

Travelling with deafness can feel daunting at times, not knowing if there’s announcements, relying on listening for safety, communication barriers, but these can all be addressed and shouldn’t stop you from exploring and enjoying yourselves!

Martha’s Vineyard

Martha's Vineyard is an island in Massachusetts and was home to the world's most famous Deaf community. Even though they were never more than a quarter of the population, nearly everyone used the local sign language which would go on to form the basis of ASL.

5 tips for deaf flying

Those who know me in person, will know that I am not a keen flier. Those who don’t know me at all, let me...
adrian bailey with two others CODA international banner

My summer of discovery

A two month trip to the United States this summer included a visit to the CODA International Conference for Adrian Bailey. https://vimeo.com/216672734 I have to say it...
kenya volunteers

Championing Deaf awareness in the developing world

A group of ten young Deaf British volunteers recently travelled to Nandi County, Kenya, where they worked alongside Deaf Kenyan volunteers to help Deaf...

Nicaraguan Sign Language: One of the world’s youngest languages

Nicaraguan Sign Language is one of the world's youngest languages. Until the first Deaf school in 1977, the Nicaraguan Deaf community was isolated and languageless. After the Sandinista Revolution in 1979, Nicaraguan Sign was spontaneously created by deaf children gathered together in oralist schools run by East German teachers.

Blank Canvas Voyage

This month we have been lucky enough to catch up with Thomas Giddens and Telma Louro. It was not easy as they have been...
solomon islands photo

Blank Canvas Voyage: Meeting the Solomon Islands Deaf Community

In the August issue we met Thomas and Telma and heard all about their ongoing Blank Canvas Voyage. This month we present a more...
north korea statue

Deaf advances in North Korea

WFD North Korea Committee Chair, Terry Riley, visits one of the world’s last communist societies, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea or North Korea...