Trustees – Smile Community Support

SMILE COMMUNITY SUPPORT is a Start-Up program and we wanted two Trustees for our board who will support and guide the organisation’s activities in line with its vision and mission and ensure that Smile CC will be governed effectively.

SMILE CC is a small developmental charity that supports deaf people in London. Along with other services, we will promote and support education for deaf children and young adults, as well as empowering them through income generation activities.

We also would want to work with Deaf/Disabled people to make sure their voice is heard and their rights are realized. We are building on the success of our current programs and looking for volunteers to support new initiatives. Currently, you will need to work from home, as we need funds for renting a nice and well offices for our meetings and office for pieces of advice.

It is a must to have acknowledgments in those domains of interest, not necessary now as we will provide trainings in the future:

  • Disability / Deaf area
  • Advocacy
  • Fundraising area
  • BSL Communication support
  • Sign of the contracts and the bank accounts
  • Filling the Council tasks

Either you have experience or not, we want you in our team to develop a new charity to help deaf / disabled people.

If interested please contact me by email: SMILE.COMMUNITY2017@GMAIL.COM