10 Deaf YouTubers You Should Check Out!

If you’re looking for some new channels to watch, here’s a list of my favourite Deaf YouTubers you should check out! Most of them subtitle their videos! (cc)

  1. Rikki Poynter

Rikki, the advocate for #NoMoreCraptions campaign (bad automatic captions on YouTube) is from America. She is deaf and vlogs on lots of topics – WITH CAPTIONS! You name it, she’s probably filmed it! She does videos on deafness, mental health, chronic illness, and gaming and is also an avid lover of Pokemon! Rikki – she’s cool!


  1. Jessica Flores

Jessica Flores is the funniest deaf YouTuber I’ve ever come across. Her videos never cease to make me laugh! Her videos are all about deaf life, experiences and raising awareness of deafness through humour. She also decorates her hearing aids and even I have hearing aid envy! If you’re up for a giggle, this is the channel to go to!


  1. Jazzy Whipps

British YouTuber Jazzy is a profoundly Deaf teen, whose first language is BSL. She chats about everyday lifestyle topics, holidays, makeup tutorials and what it’s like being Deaf. Jazzy is awesome and friendly so check out her videos!


  1. Jessica Kellgren Fozard

Vintage lover Jessica vlogs all about life with disabilities (deafness is one of them), as well as vintage lookbooks and makeup tutorials, she also collabs with other inspiring YouTubers and LGBTQ topics with her wife Claudia. Jessica is the nicest girl ever, and their super cute dogs pop up in the occasional video!


  1. Nyle DiMarco

American Deaf male model Nyle DiMarco became famous after winning Dancing with the Stars and is a prominent figure in the Deaf community. He shares ASL tuition videos and talks about his experiences. A great example if you’re up for learning a new sign language!


  1. Cheyenna Clearbrook

Cheyenna is a new deaf YouTuber I’ve found, also from America who does lots of wonderful beauty tutorials and reviews. She chats about all topics including Deaf culture and ASL, and also does collabs with Aly Drayton!


  1. Luke Christian

The fabulous Mr Luke Christian is a male lifestyle blogger, and recent vlogger from the North of England. He chats all topics fashion, beauty and grooming, Q&A’s and so on. His Instagram is also worth a look, plus I think in his words he’s ‘chuffin’ stylish!


  1. ASL Stew

A deaf/hearing American couple, who together are ASL Stew… their channel features everything you need to know about deafness, discussion topics, interpreting and ASL signs!


  1. Rogan Shannon

Rogan is another deaf YouTuber and his videos are so broad, that there’s a great video for everyone! He’s a lover of books, so there’s plenty of book reviews and ASL covers, as well as Q&A videos! Take a look and see!


  1. Liam O’Dell

Liam is a fellow blogger from when I first started blogging; you may know ‘The Life of a Thinker’ and likes to film videos too- about what he thinks! Not just that, but his videos cover loads of interesting themes, from University to exploring new places and deaf awareness. His blog is worth a look at too!


Did you know? There’s also an option on YouTube to filter videos with CC!

Simply search for any category or topic, click the ‘filter’ button and choose ‘CC’ – perfect!