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Thursday, January 18, 2018
giant finger pointing at man

Opinion: The Deaf Body in Public Space

Rachel Kolb reveals how signing in public places challenges the rules of social conduct. “It’s rude to point,” my friend told me from across the...
waiter revealing cloche

Opinion: Six inner thoughts every Deaf person has in a restaurant

Regular columnist, Alexis Borochoff-Kennedy, on the pros and cons of being Deaf when eating out. “Oh no, these people in the next booth are staring...
technology screen

Opinion: Scott’s story

BDA Access & Inclusion (Engagement) Officer Helen Morgans-Wenhold tells us about Scott and his continuing problems in the work place despite Access to Work...
cartoon park scene with birds signing

Opinion: The activation

Regular BDN contributor, Alexis Borochoff, describes the moment her Cochlear Implant was turned on and tells us how she adjusted to living between the...
speed signing

Opinion: Interpreter from hell

Alexis Borochoff’s first experience with communication support nearly put her off for life but then she found out that, for all her unprofessionalism, Louisa...
alexis borochoff

Opinion: Are hearing people afraid to date us?

After a bad dating experience Alexis Borochoff set up a forum to find out deaf and hearing people’s feelings about dating each other. I met Cameron,...