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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Scottish Government seeks views from BSL users for Culture Strategy

In line with the BSL National Plan (Culture and the Arts, page 27, no. 58), the Scottish Government is seeking the view of BSL users to ensure that the Scottish Government’s new culture strategy recognises the value of BSL and Deaf Culture, and the contribution it makes to the health, wealth and success the people and communities of Scotland.

Update: David Buxton’s court case against DWP

David Buxton, Chief Executive of Action in Disability in London, is a deaf man who works 5 days a week, but the Government’s Access to Work (AtW) scheme only provides funding for British Sign Language (BSL) interpreters 3 days a week. In June 2018, Buxton took the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) to court. The result has now been announced...

12 year old’s legal campaign to have BSL as a GCSE

Daniel Jillings has set up his own legal campaign to fight for a GCSE in British Sign Language. The campaign is receiving support through crowdfunding contributions on CrowdJustice.

Analysis of the debate in Parliament for BSL to be on the National Curriculum

Despite the petition for British Sign Language (BSL) to be on the National Curriculum not reaching the normal threshold to be considered for debate...
National Curriculum with BSL - Petition

97% of young people support for BSL in GCSE

  97% of young people support the idea of a GCSE in British Sign Language (BSL). A petition (currently at 22,008 signatures) calls for BSL...

Cardiff Deaf Centre building refurbishment fund – they need your vote

https://youtu.be/QH2ucOerBHE The Cardiff Deaf Centre is an old building, built in the 1900s; it was previously managed by the local council and over the years...
Dr Terry Riley - BDA Chairvideo

BDA Press Release: UN committee paves the way for a BSL Act

https://player.vimeo.com/video/231897644 UK Government needs to grant deaf people “the right to educated high-quality sign language interpretation”: leading UN committee paves the way for a British...
BHRUT Hospitals Deaf Charter Mark

Queen’s becomes the first hospital in the country to receive Deaf-Aware Quality Mark

The Royal Association for Deaf people (RAD) presented acting Chief Executive Jeff Buggle with its Deaf-Aware hospital Quality Mark on Monday (22 May). The hospital,...

Scotland BSL National Plan Consultation

Members of the Scottish BSL National Advisory Group, students from Heriot Watt and other members of the Deaf community joined MSP's in the Scottish...

Deaf History March 22nd 1912

If you thought that campaigning and lobbying were recent additions to the BDA's portfolio, think again. On this day one hundred and five years...