‘Next Stage’ launches to empower deaf and disabled artists in the music industry

The charity Attitude Is Everything have launched the ‘Next Stage’ initiative, which starts with a survey.

The accessibility project aims to empower deaf and disabled artists in the music industry. It aspires to change the conversation about music artists with disabilities, impairments and health conditions, by celebrating their skills and removing their barriers to creativity and progression.

The project starts with a survey. This seeks to build awareness on how to improve access to venues and recording studios, create opportunities and identify attitudes across the music industry.

“We have spent almost 20 years working for disabled audiences and now, with support from Arts Council England, we want to improve accessibility for disabled artists. This process will not be easy. The challenges facing deaf and disabled people are often hidden, and rarely discussed publicly. There are a range of stigmas and sensibilities. So our first goal is to collect information through a comprehensive and wide-reaching survey. By paying attention to artists’ voices, I believe we can build a thriving network of talent that will enhance British music and benefit all in the wider music community.” – Suzanne Ball, Attitude Is Everything CEO.

The survey is open to musicians and artists who meet the following criteria:

  • Produce their own music and aim to progress their musical career
  • Identify as a Deaf or disabled person, or have a health condition or impairment that impacts their daily life.

If this is you, click here to complete the survey.

Next Stage also aims to boost talent development and make the music industry more accessible, by developing an artist network so artists with access requirements can connect, showcase and start funding opportunities.

For more information, contact Rich (Artist Development Manager at Attitude Is Everything) on rich@attitudeiseverything.org.uk or 02073 837979.

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