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  • From music to your ears, to harmful noise
    If you are unable to carry a tune, you simply are tone deaf. Not to worry, it doesn't mean you have hearing problems. One in every 25 people are tone deaf, and it may be inherited. There's a reason for choosing fast-beat music during exercise. Fast-beat music makes you exercise—cycle, jog—faster and ...... Read more »
  • Do you know someone running in the London Marathon?
    Adam Kizis is running for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. He says: “My inspiration for running for this charity is the incredible bond a work colleague has. with her hearing dog Pebbles. It's so heart-warming to see how they interact with each other; her life would not be the same without him.” Adam Kizis ...... Read more »
  • Deaf dog learns sign language, seeks forever home
    GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) - At first glance, Samson the 11-month-old Bully Breed Mix seems just like any other puppy. But Samson is a little different: he was born deaf. Samson was brought into the Safe Haven Humane Society and Outreach Center over the winter, and is currently living with a foster ...... Read more »
  • Editorial: Wynne seems deaf to economic alarm bells
    Editorial: Wynne seems deaf to economic alarm bells ... The tone-deaf Wynne needs to understand continued “investment” (or the spending of public money) outside of a balanced budget has the potential to add to everyone's misery, especially when the current cost to float such debt amounts to about ...... Read more »

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  • Early language learning school to open in Cheshire next month
    The school features Spanish, French and German instructors, in addition to an infant sign language teacher, with talks already underway to hire an Arabic teacher. Those seven educators will be able to teach up to 125 children between the ages of 3 and 6. There are also about 65 spots for toddlers, ...... Read more »
  • Deaf dog learns sign language, seeks forever home
    Samson currently knows a few commands in sign language: "good," "sit," and "no." His foster family is working to teach him "down." As far as training a puppy goes, Samson's handlers say he's doing a good job, and ready to find his forever home. That family will have to learn some new tricks along with ...... Read more »
  • Gallery Talk in American Sign Language
    Join us on an interactive tour of works in the collection led by a museum educator in American Sign Language. This public program is offered primarily for the Deaf community. All visitors are welcome. To request an accessibility accommodation for an Art Institute program, please call (312) 443-3680 or ...... Read more »
  • Honor disabilities-rights pioneers by shattering more glass ceilings
    I embraced the study of deafness from a cultural perspective and learned American Sign Language. I eventually transferred back to Western, graduated and attended graduate school at Lewis & Clark College in Portland. Just two years after the Gallaudet protest, in 1990, a federal bill recognizing ...... Read more »

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    • Quiet Places
      Unlike films in which deafness is featured as an oddity, a lack, or a sign of difference, most of these new films point to deafness as a positive and useful thing. This cinematic trend is in keeping with advances in Deaf studies. Dirksen Bauman and Joseph J. Murray, for example, have come up with the term ...... Read more »
    • Hearing loss, graphic novels, and Cece Bell's El Deafo
      Her nervousness extends to her social life, driving her quest as mentioned earlier for a true friend, as she was put into a state of self-imposed isolation out of fear of being ostracized for her deafness. However, this is proven false later on as she gains multiple friends and Bell herself states the book's ...... Read more »
    • Drunk Concertgoers More Than Likely To Lose Hearing And Exhbit Dangerous Behavior, Study ...
      If noise is too loud and long-lasting, it can possibly destroy hair cells and cause one to loss their hearing or could contribute to partial deafness. This is why Dr. Darius Kohan, otology/neurotology at Lenox Hill Hospital, really encourages those who attend concerts to wear earplugs, as it helps to reduce ...... Read more »
    • Inclusive design for the deaf and hard of hearing in the media
      “A Quiet Place” (2018) centralizes sign language in its plot and portrays a common hardship faced by members of the deaf community through Regan Abbott's experience with her deafness and hearing aids. While she struggles with her deafness in the beginning, she finds that the soundwaves from her ...... Read more »

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    • Plea from 81-year-old carjacking victim leads to lenient sentence for teen
      That's because the elderly victim, who was unable to stand in the courtroom and was hard of hearing, told Circuit Judge Cynthia L. Cox he recommended leniency for his abductor, Derriyona Brown, who turns 18 this month. Cox sentenced the teenager to three years in the Department of Corrections and ...... Read more »
    • Honor disabilities-rights pioneers by shattering more glass ceilings
      Throughout its storied history, presidents at Gallaudet, the world's only university for the deaf and hard of hearing, could hear and were never fluent in American Sign Language ... I was outfitted with hearing aids and, with help from a speech-teacher, learned to take auditory cues and process information.... Read more »
    • Quiet Places
      Amelia Hensley, a Deaf actor from Deaf West's production of Spring Awakening blogged under the hashtag #fuckwonderstruck: “to have hearing person to play as deaf role was really hard for me to watch it. I couldn't really enjoy the movie. I was restless. After the movie is over, I have to go to bathroom to ...... Read more »
    • Good Shepard Alliance, Loudoun Cares Cut Out of County Gov't Grants
      Loudoun Cares and the homelessness relief organization Good Shepherd Alliance were among the charities that did not make the cut for nonprofit funding in the county government's new grant-writing program. The new grant application scoring system takes the Board of Supervisors out of the process, ...... Read more »

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    • New Johnson County Courthouse will be accessible to all
      Sinks, restroom stalls, coat and hat racks, and light switches will also be wheelchair accessible. Both audio and visual fire and tornado alarms will be installed throughout the facility, along with audio loops for the hearing impaired. Walls and floors will feature high-contrast materials for those with limited ...... Read more »
    • Top teachers honored in Greenwich
      ... a Western Middle School teacher for seventh- and eighth-graders in English; Frank Kovac, a GHS grade 9 through 12 social studies teacher; Eleanor Ritch, a GHS grade 9 through 12 English teacher; and Meagan White, who covers pre-K through 12th grade instruction for hearing impaired students.... Read more »
    • Salmon Stakes hooks more than fish and anglers
      Quota uses the money for such things as buying hearing aids for people who can't afford them. In previous years, the service group has bought a $10,000 Hearing Loop System for McMorran Place. It also provides scholarships and other activities for the deaf and hearing impaired at Port Huron Schools.... Read more »
    • Growing up CODA: What it's like to be the only person in your family who can hear
      Cochlear implants have helped other hearing-impaired Australians, and brain-scanning hearing tests are now common in the first days after birth to address any early issues. Captioned TV — which Jodee first saw on the soap show Neighbours — is now standard. Jodee welcomes the technological shift ...... Read more »


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