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12 year old’s legal campaign to have BSL as a GCSE

Daniel Jillings has set up his own legal campaign to fight for a GCSE in British Sign Language. The campaign is receiving support through crowdfunding contributions on CrowdJustice.
Princess Alice of Battenberg

Prince William pays tribute to deaf great grandmother Princess Alice

While on a visit to Israel, Prince William (second heir to the throne following Queen Elizabeth II’s reign) spoke fondly of his deaf great grandmother, Princess Alice, and the life she led.

Truth or myth? Can Deaf people drive?

Turning 17... The age when people can learn to drive. Excited by the thought of independence or the daunted by the concept of being...

Let’s meet Laura Gromova – Fashion & Tailoring!

Laura is Deaf, a mother of two from Latvia. Latvian is her first language, has limited English and is developing her British Sign Language...

Can Deaf people become Lifeguards?

One of the myths about deafness is that Deaf people can’t do certain jobs, because being able to hear is a requirement, right? Not always! When...

It’s not a Disability, it’s a Special Ability

Long-standing club coach Gareth Waterfield – the inspirational girls coach at Winscombe RFC in Somerset – has won the BBC Sports Personality of the...

A New Year, New Resolutions and Opportunities

Many of us make New Year’s resolutions. Some of us are successful in keeping them, others not so much! My New Year’s mantra is...
Jessica Kellgren-Fozard

People accept that I’m gay, but not that I’m disabled

Extracted from The Guardian – 13 January 2017 – As told to Joan McFadden.  When Jessica Kellgren-Fozard tells people she is gay, they generally smile and...

How technology is uniting and connecting the d/Deaf community

Here’s how Lingoing are using digital innovation to give the d/Deaf community a voice. Digital technology has revolutionised the way we communicate; it has made...
The Superstars - Signature Annual Awards 2017

Announcing the Superstars of the Signature Annual Awards 2017

Last week, Signature held its ninth Signature Annual Awards to celebrate the people who are making positive changes and putting others first to improve...