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leah katz-hernandez white house

Video tour of The White House with Obama’s Deaf Receptionist

To mark the 26th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, Leah Katz-Hernandez, the White House's first deaf receptionist, has produced a video tour...
bike team bda flag eiffel tower

Deaf bike team ride to Paris for deaf children

A team of four Deaf female cyclists rode from London to Paris recently in support of the BDA’s Deaf Roots & Pride project. BDN...
Who says deaf people can't do anything? - Dean Barton-Smith

Look back: Sporting greats – Dean Barton-Smith

It’s 25 years since Dean Barton-Smith, Member of the Order of Australia, became Australia’s first deaf Olympian at the Barcelona Olympic Games to compete...
wfdys board

Arming the world’s deaf youth with knowledge

British Deaf Association Youth board member Simon Herdman became the first Brit on the board of the World Federation of the Deaf Youth Section...
zaqi ismail sophie stone jenna coleman in action

“It’s been an honour being accepted by the Whovians”

In October, Sophie Stone appeared on screens all over the UK as Cass in a Doctor Who story. It was a pivotal moment for...
arthur dimmock

Profile of Arthur Dimmock

From 1943 until 2006 Arthur Dimmock contributed an international news column called Girdle Around the Earth to the British Deaf Times, which later became...

Let’s meet Laura Gromova – Fashion & Tailoring!

Laura is Deaf, a mother of two from Latvia. Latvian is her first language, has limited English and is developing her British Sign Language...

Improving Banking Accessibility for Deaf People (Part 2)

Last year I was looking for a bank to open a new account with. When choosing a bank, many customers' priorities may be; high interest rates, reward schemes or good customer service. For me, my main filter is accessibility.

How technology is uniting and connecting the d/Deaf community

Here’s how Lingoing are using digital innovation to give the d/Deaf community a voice. Digital technology has revolutionised the way we communicate; it has made...
drisana levitzke-gray

Intense but fantastic: My year in the national spotlight

In January 2015 Drisana Levitzke-Gray, of Balga in Western Australia, was awarded the ultimate accolade when she was named the Young Australian of the...