Arthur Groom – Obituary

Hello, my name is Austin Reeves. Sadly I have to report that Arthur Groom has recently passed away. However in September he became 100 years of age. As far as I am aware he is the only centenarian that the BDA Board or staff have.

Arthur first started at Birmingham Deaf School and then went onto Northampton Deaf Club. He was interested in sports and organised the MDSA’s cricket matches. In the 1960’s he became involved with the BDA, being the Secretary, then the Chair of the Midland Regional Council, organising many activities.

He also was elected onto the BDA’s Board for many years. While there, he was one of the founder members of the Deaf Broadcasting Campaign. On retiring, he was an active member of the Old Pupil’s Association of Birmingham Deaf School writing many articles for their newsletter.

We all have a great deal to thank Arthur for all he has done for deaf people.

Thank you Arthur.