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Japan’s first deaf bus driver

Meet 25-year-old Takeyama Matsuyama. According to Nihon (Japan) Bus Association, Japan's first deaf bus driver. Matsuyama, who has profound sensorineural hearing loss in both ears, makes two round trips between Tokyo and Haneda Airport a day.

NYPD giving deaf motorists cards to improve communication

The police department's deputy commissioner for collaborative policing, Susan Herman, said Wednesday that the 4-by-11-inch (10-by-28-centimeter) cards are being mailed this week to 11,590 drivers whose licenses show they are deaf or hard of hearing. The cards also will be available for download on the department's website.

Sign Language Lawyer now social media star

Article from BBC News – Published 30/05/2018 When a lawyer posted a video in sign language about the danger of Ponzi schemes, his post...

13 Reasons to Sign to Your Hard of Hearing or Cochlear Implanted Child

Extracted from "On Deafness" - By Elizabeth Engelman. When we implanted our profoundly deaf two-year-old son Micah with cochlear implants, we gave little thought to American Sign...

Gallaudet University – ‘Deaf President Now’

Gallaudet University is the only one in the world where all seminars and lectures are in Sign. It is in Washington DC and was...
Signing hands in black and white

Which is more efficient: talking or signing?

Until the 1960s, this question was very hard to answer. Video recording equipment was not advanced enough for studying Sign. The question would not...
Audism - Painting by Nancy Rourke


Audism. That word has been around for a while, but I don’t feel like people really know what it means. The word was coined in 1975...
Dr Paddy Ladd

Dr Paddy Ladd recognised by York St John University

Press Release by York St John University Leading figures in the charity sector, conservation, psychology, business, sport, music, television and the Deaf community will be...
Døvefilm under threat

Døvefilm (Deaf Film) – Danish Sign Language TV programme is under threat

GIVE YOUR SUPPORT TO KEEP DEAF TV LIVE IN DENMARK - SIGN THE PETITION - TAP HERE (Note: some Danish language included) On Thursday, 31 August,...
BDN is the Top 50 Deaf Blog on the Internet

BDN is the Top 50 Deaf Blogs on the web!

British Deaf News is now ranking one of the Top 50 Deaf blogs list! Not only are we in the top 50, but we made...