This outlines how we are making our web content more accessible for people and user friendly for everyone. You can also access British Deaf News via our mobile application.

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Provide feedback on our site

We’re working hard on our website to make sure it is accessible. Our site displays correctly in current browsers and uses standards compliant HTML code for the majority of pages. There may be limitations sometimes where the content is provided by a third party. If you have any problems, please contact us and let us know.

Accessing PDFs on our site

You’ll need to download and use free Adobe Reader software to access the portable document format (PDF) files on our website.

Download the latest version of Adobe Reader.

For further information on Adobe products and accessibility go to the Adobe accessibility section.


There are several hyperlinks in our articles, which is usually identified by blue text. These links could be to internal articles (ie. another story on British Deaf News) or third party content (for example an organisation’s website). When you click on the hyperlink, you will be redirected away from the webpage. Please note that links to third party content will open in a new tab in your browser.

Viewing content on the website

The website content and menus will automatically re-size according to your screen size.

When looking at images, you can click on any image and it will enlarge on the screen.

When watching videos on the website, some videos will be embedded within our site and simply require you to click on them to start playing. Other videos will be available via hyperlink (see above) and will open in a new tab.

British Sign Language (BSL) content

It is our aim for as much BSL content as possible – either as translations of articles or BSL clips – to be available so that everyone can access the content equally. We do not provide BSL translations of third party articles. We will encourage contributors to make their content available in BSL.

If you need help getting started online

If you have any difficulty using the internet or have any accessibility issues, we hope the following information is useful:

Getting started with the internet on BBC WebWise

If you find a keyboard or mouse hard to use

Find out how to make your mouse easier to use on BBC My Web

Find out how to use your keyboard to control your mouse on BBC My Web

Find out about alternatives to a keyboard and mouse on BBC My Web

If you can’t see very well

Learn how to increase the size of the text in your web browser on BBC My Web

Learn how to change text and background colours to make them easier to read on BBC My Web

Learn how to magnify your screen on BBC My Web

If you are blind

Find out about screen readers and talking browsers on BBC My Web

Last updated: November 2016.

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