Deaf Awareness Week: Celebrating Role Models

The theme for this year’s Deaf Awareness Week is ‘Celebrating Role Models’.

A role model is someone to look up to, someone you follow by example and inspires you to achieve in life. Role models aren’t necessarily celebrities, but could be someone who has led change within your local community, or country.

My Role Model Journey

When I started blogging, I was also going through the process of finding my deaf identity, and part of that was looking for a deaf role model; someone to look up to. Other than the famous deaf celebrities, I couldn’t find that person and I aspired for an influential individual, so I figured why not become that person?

Through my blogs and work that I do within the deaf community, what drives me is knowing that I’m making a change, whether for one person or for an organisation. Sharing my stories and experiences for others to read helps to raise awareness, but also reassures families of deaf children that they have a bright future ahead of them.

I love seeing the next generation of Deaf Young Leaders already making change in the community, leading the generation to come, especially through the wonders of the internet and social media that we have today, making it easier to reach out to others.

Check out these Inspirational Deaf Role Models

These Deaf Role Models have each got a talent of their own, which they have embraced and shared within the deaf community, and are definitely worth a follow…

Jessica Kellgren Fozard

YouTuber and Vintage Fashion Lover

Mr Luke Christian

Male Grooming and Lifestyle Blogger

Storm Smith

Art Director and Creative Filmmaker

Jazzy Whipps

Lifestyle and Travel YouTuber

Louise Deaf Awareness

Campaigner, Awareness Raiser and Blogger

Chris Fonseca

Dancer and Choreographer

Jessica Flores

Funny YouTuber and advocate

Being Her Twins

Travel and Fashion Bloggers

Matt Gilbert

Rugby Player and Professional Sportsman

Ed Rex

Deaf Traveller and Blogger

Rebecca Cliffe

‘iheartdeafness’ Blogger and Disability Advocate

How you can be a Role Model

What inspires you?

Find your passion, what drives you, what makes you unique as an individual and embrace that. Find your identity, you should learn to accept yourself and who you are before you reach out to others.

How do you want to make a change?

Find your medium, what works best for you? Is it public speaking, be it blogging, sharing videos, or telling your story… how do you want to get the message out there?

Inspire others

However you raise awareness, make a change, or send a message, each one is worth something. You may reach one person, you may touch an entire audience. Believe in your passion and others will believe you.

Change happens a little at a time

Nothing happens overnight and if you do nothing, nothing will change, so go for it and don’t give up!

Is there a Deaf Role Model you know, who deserves a little recognition? Share their story on social media, we’d love to hear it! Be sure to spread the word using #DAWRoleModels2019