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How concentration fatigue can affect deaf people

Concentration fatigue, or tiredness is a thing! Simply, it’s when you have to concentrate hard on listening, lipreading or signing for a long period of time, and it tires you out. It’s most common in deaf people as we use our eyes more than our other senses, as they’re also our ears.

Deaf Debate: Caught between two worlds – What it’s like to be in the...

Have you ever felt like you don’t fit into a world that is literally designed for you? But not being accepted into this world can mean you’re juggling back and forth between two different worlds.
Signing hands in black and white

Which is more efficient: talking or signing?

Until the 1960s, this question was very hard to answer. Video recording equipment was not advanced enough for studying Sign. The question would not...

BDA Members Forum – York 2017 (BSL)

https://vimeo.com/201706846 Alexandra Shaw reports from the British Deaf Association (BDA) Members Forum held in York following the AGM on Saturday, January 28th 2017. The Forum included sessions...

13 Reasons to Sign to Your Hard of Hearing or Cochlear Implanted Child

Extracted from "On Deafness" - By Elizabeth Engelman. When we implanted our profoundly deaf two-year-old son Micah with cochlear implants, we gave little thought to American Sign...

Why are Deaf clubs closing and is it actually a problem?

Deaf pub nights are sometimes advertised online, the trouble is they often charge entry fees, children are barred and it is harder to access information about welfare cuts for example.
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Opinion: Six inner thoughts every Deaf person has in a restaurant

Regular columnist, Alexis Borochoff-Kennedy, on the pros and cons of being Deaf when eating out. “Oh no, these people in the next booth are staring...
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Opinion: Interpreter from hell

Alexis Borochoff’s first experience with communication support nearly put her off for life but then she found out that, for all her unprofessionalism, Louisa...
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Opinion: The Deaf Body in Public Space

Rachel Kolb reveals how signing in public places challenges the rules of social conduct. “It’s rude to point,” my friend told me from across the...
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Opinion: The activation

Regular BDN contributor, Alexis Borochoff, describes the moment her Cochlear Implant was turned on and tells us how she adjusted to living between the...