Christmas Gift Guide for Deaf Children

Looking for the perfect Christmas present for your deaf child? Here are some ideas!

Brilliant Books

These books feature a deaf character and have fascinating storylines! Bedtime reading sorted!

Max and his hearing aids –
Farm Friends –
Proud to be deaf –
Max and the Millions –

Terrific Toys

Toys with hearing devices, what more could a deaf child wish for?

Not only do they make them feel included, these toys are so helpful towards other hearing children to educate them about deafness, and to see that we all have our unique qualities but it doesn’t make us any different!

ToyLikeMe –
Lottie dolls – this one has a CI!
Memory game –
Build a Bear hearing aid –

Dazzling Devices

These are my go-to sites for anything to decorate hearing devices! Why hide them, when we should encourage them to flaunt them!

If you’re looking for inspiration, check out Facebook (link ) or Instagram (link ) !

Hearing aid stickers:
Cochlear implant stickers:
Hearing device accessories:
Hearing aid headbands:

Cool Clothes

Since you can decorate your devices, why not set a trend with these amazing t-shirts?

Deaf is Cool:

Love to learn

Learning Sign Language? These BSL flashcards are a fantastic tool to help babies, toddlers and even adults to learn some signs!

BSL Flashcards:
Let’s Sign BSL Flashcards:

What about a book from this website too? They are valuable learning resources, as well as a lovely gift!

BSL books:

Hope this guide ticks a few items off your Christmas shopping list! If you have any other ideas, please share them in the comments below!