The Perfect Gift Guide for Deaf People

Got a deaf friend or family member? Unsure what to buy them this Christmas? Check out my inspiration guide!

Home Décor

Personalised prints with an extra meaning could be the missing piece to make their home complete! These ones from Love Harry are adorable!

There’s nothing like adding a splash of colour to a room. This wall art certainly has the WOW-factor!

Keyrings and Necklaces

This shop has the sweetest keyrings and necklaces with imprinted signs, a beautiful but discreet present for them…

Keep Calm and Sign BSL!

You can’t get any more British than the ‘Keep Calm’ merchandise! Here are some awesome products, plus they have a link to deafness!

Deaf Humour

There’s nothing like a funny Christmas present, and this deaf humour scenario happens so often! What a better present than this mug?

Setting the Trend

These stylish t-shirts are all the rave! Not only do they look great, but they have a meaning behind them!

What about decorating hearing devices? These sites have lots of cool designs and accessories!

BSL Stamp Kit

Like arts and crafts? This cute stamp kit has the BSL fingerspelling alphabet! Perfect to add a finishing touch to any greeting cards.

Still unsure? How about a voucher?

A voucher for the App Store or Google Play store is still a present that would be appreciated! There are lots of assistive apps, or apps that help make life a bit easier and a voucher can help towards downloading these.

I hope this gave you a little inspiration! Please do share it with others who may be stuck of present ideas!

If you have any other suggestions, please comment them below!