Clear Panel FASK

What is A Clear Panel FASK?

FASK is a combination of two words, i.e., face and mask. FASK is a modern face mask made of cotton fibre that fits over your nose and mouth. It protects you from various pollutants and can be worn in areas where a face mask covering is required.

This particular type of face mask has been specially designed for deaf and hard of hearing people. The mask has a clear panel in the middle of it. This clear panel makes it possible for the observer to read the speaker’s lips and understand sign language correspondence.

This special type of mask makes communication with the deaf community easier without lifting off the mask, especially in crowded areas where it is mandatory to cover the face all the time during this Covid-19 pandemic.

You might be thinking that the clear panel might fog up in intensely cold weather, making it difficult for the observer to read the lips, but that’s not true. The material used to make this clear panel is made of high-quality PET and is less likely to fog-up.

Product Description

Clear Panel FASK is made of high-quality cotton with a secure particle-resistant outer layer. The product comes with the highest quality PET that allows the observer to lip-read and makes communication much more comfortable.

The product is completely adjustable, featuring flexible ear loops that guarantee an appropriate fit to your face.

Another notable feature of Clear Panel FASK is that it is washable and reusable. It is utterly delicate to the skin. The inner cotton layer is entirely breathable and features a clear PET panel in the center of the face covering.

Clear Panel FASK Helps Combatting the Spread of COVID-19

Since the start of this pandemic, the UK government has made it compulsory for everyone to wear a face-covering when in public. The face-covering has been made mandatory to reduce the danger of spreading of the disease.

Clear Panel FASK features a transparent panel at the mask’s focal point, which eliminates the need to take off the mask while communicating with the deaf community. You can easily convey your message via gestures to someone who has a hearing problem, and they will receive the message through lip reading.

Where to Buy Clear Panel FASK?


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