Deaf funny

This week is Deaf Awareness Week… celebrating Deaf Culture and the wonderful community that we are a part of.

Living with deafness isn’t all doom and gloom, we learn to live with it and some of the situations we have to see the lighter side of! I find that situations with a lack of deaf awareness are funnier to tell if you can laugh about it!

What better way to show these situations than with this funny humour blog!

The scenarios have certainly happened with me and my friends, what about you?

Texting ‘dead’ instead of deaf… 

Yeah I totally love hanging out with dead people *damn autocorrect*

Did you wave at me?

Waving is a way of getting another deaf person’s attention. If you’ve ever been in a room full of Deaf people, you’ll see everyone constantly waving to get each other’s attention! Who, me? Oh no, the person behind me!

Don’t forget to take your hearing aids or cochlear implant off before going in the shower!

*Did I forget something?*

How to stop deaf people arguing…

Turn the light off!

How loud am I?

It can be difficult in public with background noise to hear your own voice… but when everyone’s looking at you, maybe that’s an indicator! We can’t always help it but it’s down to your choice if you wish for the person with you to tell you if you’re speaking a bit too loudly!

Deaf people playing charades = think again!

If you use sign language, it’s virtually impossible to play charades without using signs! Is it considered cheating? Nah!

Can you get their attention please?

There’s no point shouting names across the room, Deaf people might not hear! Instead, can tap their shoulder. If it’s getting someone quite far away, it’s just a game of follow my  leader… the person nearest to you taps someone near them, to get the next person… we’ll get there eventually!

When the beat drops… STOP!

Have you ever been in a nightclub dancing? It’s great having a dance, but when the beat drops and no-one’s dancing… stop! There’s nothing more embarrassing than everyone watching you dance along to your own silent disco! Watch everyone else, it may help!

Write secrets down!

If you’re a sign language user, perhaps consider writing secrets down, or if you’re talking about someone, don’t make it obvious! As it’s such a visual language, you never know around you who knows Sign Language… your secret may no longer be safe!

A second pair of eyes would come in handy

Having a conversation with someone walking down the street, but as deaf people rely on looking at the other person to understand them, they don’t always notice where they’re going or what they’re going to bump into!

Have any of these situations happened to you, or something similar? Let us know in the comments below!


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