Deaf President DiMarco in 2024!

President Nyle DiMarco in 2024

American Deaf entertainment icon Nyle DiMarco has joked that he could one day become the first Deaf President of the United States.

Following the inauguration of the 45th President Donald Trump last Friday, DiMarco, a big fan of outgoing President Barack Obama, was urged to stand for the highest office by follower Deb Enderle on Twitter

She slated Trump’s inaugural speech and then challenged DiMarco to consider running himself. “Worst inaugural address ever. Also terrifying. Please run for president as soon as you’re old enough” she said.

Nyle’s reply was simple and promising: “First Deaf President in 2024”

DiMarco, 27, is an model, actor, and deaf activist who in 2015 was the first Deaf winner of America’s Next Top Model. A year later he won season 22 of the ABC televised dance competition Dancing with the Stars.

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