Dragons Den winner provides free new service for Deaf / hard of hearing people

trueCall Ltd – best known for their nuisance call blocking technology that is protecting 1.5 million UK households – have launched a new free service for people living with hearing loss.

When you are buying something online, using a price comparison web site, booking a train or a theatre ticket etc you are always asked for your phone number. People with hearing loss often prefer to be contacted by email rather than telephone, but often you have to enter your phone number to complete the form. Of course, if you do enter your phone number the company may call you rather than emailing you.

trueCall has launched a new free service that solves this dilemma. When completing a form you just need to enter one of the memorable trueCall HL phone numbers:

Female voice: 0333 888 1111

Male voice: 0333 888 0000

If the company calls you they will hear the polite message:

“Hello – Thank you for calling. I prefer to be contacted via email – please use the email address that you have for me – Goodbye”

This is a completely free service!

Penny Hall, who is deaf said “It’s great to have a solution to what has been a real problem for many people – especially as it is free. Job done as far as I’m concerned!

Steve Smith, MD of trueCall and inventor of the trueCall device said “We are delighted to be able to help the Hearing Loss community with this simple free service. Companies who sell online don’t always consider the needs of all their customers, so trueCall HL is there to fill the gap”.

For more information – see links:

trueCall HL website – www.truecallhl.co.uk

trueCall Ltd corporate website – www.truecall.co.uk (a company that runs trueCall HL)

If you have any questions about the service please do contact trueCall Ltd directly via their main website contact page – tap here.


Background info:

Steve Smith - Founder & Entrepreneur
Steve Smith – Founder
  • trueCall was launched in 2008 by entrepreneur Steve Smith, who used to work in the call centre industry. He saw that new call centre technology was on the brink of creating a huge nuisance call problem, so used his inside knowledge to develop and patent a completely new way of protecting people from nuisance and scam calls.
  • trueCall is used by over 200 local authorities, police forces and charities to protect vulnerable people from nuisance and scam phone calls. Multiple independent trials have shown that trueCall technology blocks around 95% of nuisance calls.
  • trueCall were on Dragons Den in July 2009 and got offers from all five Dragons, eventually shaking hands on the deal with Peter Jones. Peter subsequently described trueCall as “the best gadget I’ve ever seen in seven series of Dragon’s Den.”
  • In 2014 trueCall developed a special version of their call blocker for visually impaired people – trueCall Vi – which is being sold by RNIB.
  • trueCall has appeared on numerous TV and radio programmes – The One Show, Rip Off Britain, News at Ten, Don’t get Done get Dom, Channel 4 Dispatches, You and Yours, etc.
  • Because of its international patents trueCall is now licensing its technology to companies around the world.


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