Start date: 11th April 2018
End date: 30th June 2018
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Location: Various
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Coconut - Featured ImageStart date: 11th April-30th June
Location: Various locations, London

Ever feel like you’re constantly disappointing people?

Meet Rumi, a British Pakistani woman who’s referred to as a ‘Coconut’ (brown on the outside, white on the inside). Born and brought up as a Muslim, Rumi spends more time enjoying fine wine and bacon than being at the mosque. When she meets Simon, a white guy, she hopes that his decision to convert to Islam will be enough to keep everyone happy.

However, as Simon begins to explore his faith, Rumi’s world spins off its axis in ways she could never have predicted.

Please note that while the play itself is largely comic and fairly irreverent in tone, it does touch on areas around emotional coercion, religious based violence/coercion/grooming and abusive relationships – it’s not overt but that is kind of what is interesting about it – the grey areas.

Recommended age 14+

Both captioned and BSL performances are available. For more information, please click here to download the flier.