Much Ado About Nothing

Start date: 16th June 2017
End date: 17th June 2017
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Location: The Meadow - Hall Barn

Venue: The Meadow – Hall Barn
Dates with BSL signed performance:
Friday 16 June at 8.00pm
Saturday 17 June at 2.00pm
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A comedy and a love story, this is one of Shakespeare’s most popular works for which we are providing a late Victorian setting. Claudio returns from the wars to fall instantly in love with the beautiful young Hero.

She agrees to marry him but just before the wedding he wrongly believes she has been unfaithful and humiliates her at the altar. The conspiracy to disgrace Hero is detected by the verbally challenged constable Dogberry.

Much Ado is best known for the verbal sparring between Benedick and Beatrice; they are old rivals and battle with charm and wit for gender supremacy.

Neither will admit they are suited to each other and they swear never to marry.

Hero’s father and others plot to bring the reluctant couple together, separately getting them to admit their love for each other to friends.

Finally Benedick proclaims ‘Come, come, we are friends: let’s have a dance ere we are married, that we may lighten our own hearts and our wives’ heels.’

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