Peeling by Kaite O’Reilly

Start date: 8th March 2019
End date: 4th May 2019
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Location: Various - See Advert
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Taking Flight Theatre, The Riverfront & Chapter present

Peeling by Kaite O’Reilly touring across Wales & to Oxford & Manchester from 8th March – 4th May 2019

In shadow, never centre stage, 3 performers await their brief moment in the light. Their words have been buried in dust, through the long corridor of time. We will unearth them here. They will echo in the darkness. This city will fall.

Alfa, Beaty and Coral wait… wait while once more the action plays out elsewhere. Once more they form the chorus to someone else’s lead.

But… this city will fall.

Featuring Deaf performer, Bea Webster, and interwoven BSL and English captions at every show, peeling challenges you to experience theatre afresh. Whose stories do we tell? And who will be there to bear witness?

BSL performer Erin Siobhan Hutching (The DH Ensemble/ Deaf Funny)

BSL translation and consultancy Jean St Clair (Deaf Funny)

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