Kids, are you “Up For It?” (BSL)

"Up for it?" star Nadeem Islam

“Up For It?” is the title of a new children’s series from the British Sign Language Broadcasting Trust (BSLBT) which premieres on the Community Channel next week.

The series is aimed at primary aged children, although people of all ages will want to see this showcase of child Deaf talent in the first series of ten 14 minute programmes.

The series was made for the BSLBT by Flashing Lights Media. It features three new young Deaf BSL-using presenters: Nadeem Islam, Mia Ward and Rosie Benn and their dog, Twiks.

In each episode, we will meet a mystery hot seat guest – a talented deaf child aged 6-15 – and the presenters have to guess what their special skill or hobby is. When all is revealed, the young guest chooses one of the presenters to go with them to learn about their hobby and do a challenge related to it… often pushing the presenters to their limits!

The BSLBT is keeping the skills and talents of the young hot seat guests very secret so that viewers can have fun guessing each week.

Kerena Marchant, BSLBT’s Head of Content, said: “It has always been my strong view, as a maker of children’s programmes and a commissioner, that children themselves should be at the heart of children’s programmes. Children want to see themselves or their peers on the screen! “Up For It?” certainly delivers that – it is a showcase for Deaf children and young Deaf talent.”

“Up For It?” will be broadcast for 5 weeks, with two 14 minute programmes broadcast
back to back each week.

Starting on Thursday 2nd March at 7.30pm on the Community Channel, weekly transmission times are as follows:

Thursdays at 7.30pm on the Community Channel (Freeview HD 63, Sky 539,
Virgin 269, Freesat 651)

Saturdays at 7.30am on the Community Channel (Sky 539, Virgin 269, Freesat

Mondays at 8am on Film4 (Freeview 15, Sky 315, Virgin 428, Freesat 300)

Tuesdays at 2pm on the Community Channel (Freeview HD 63, Sky 539, Virgin
269, Freesat 651)

Each pair of the programmes will also be available to watch at any time on the BSL
Zone website, right here, straight after their initial broadcast.

Viewers will also find plenty of extra activities, sneak peeks ‘behind the scenes’ and
resources on the BSLBT website.

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Young star Mia Ward
Rosie Benn from BSLBT’s “Up for it”
“Up for it?” doggy star Twiks