Lawand Hamad Amin – an update

Facing deportation - Lawand Hamad Amin

In December BDN reported the case of six-year-old deaf boy Lawand Hamad Amin and his family who fled Iraq because of death threats from extremists but were being told they face being deported.

Lawand and his family left northern Iraq after reports the so-called Islamic State was ordering disabled children to be killed by lethal injection. They came to the UK after a year in a refugee camp in France.

The Home Office have informed Lawand and his family that they are refusing their request to claim asylum in Britain and will deport them back to Germany.

However their legal team are fighting hard to have their case heard in the courts. If successful it means they will be given leave to stay until there is a full hearing. If unsuccessful they will have to leave the country this Monday, the 16th January.

A 10,000 strong petition has been sent to Home Secretary Amber Rudd and Lawand’s MP, Margret Beckett. However, the campaign goes on and Margaret Beckett’s secretary has said the MP would be speaking to the Home Office on Lawand’s behalf.

A Home Office spokesman said: “It is only fair that we do not shoulder the burden of asylum claims that should rightly be considered by other countries.

“Asylum seekers should claim in the first safe country they arrive in.

“Where there is evidence that an asylum seeker is the responsibility of another European country we will seek to return them there.”

BDN will update you as soon as a final decision is made.

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