Let’s meet Paul Ntulila!

(Note: Video includes British Sign Language and subtitles)

It has been over a month since kids have returned to school and students attending the university – another year of hard work and studying.

We have come across to an encouraging young deaf man named Paul Ntulila. He told his story about how politics and Barack Obama, the former President of United States of America, has inspired him to study at Loughborough University with £10,000 MSC sponsorship and how he has enjoyed the experience so far.

See the video above, Paul also gave his message to the Deaf community on how to cope with challenges at the university, to look at other deaf role models to keep inspired. And most importantly is never to give up, remain determined and you can achieve, don’t give up on your dreams!

Paul, we salute you and wish you with all the best success. 🙂

Follow Paul on Twitter: @PaulNtulila or Instagram: Instagram.com/PaulNtulila