Mandy Harvey – deaf singer got dazzled in “America’s Got Talent”

A phenomenal success for Mandy Harvey who became deaf in 10 years ago, aged 18, from a connective-tissue disorder where she has got ill, and her nerves deteriorated, to get a ‘Golden Buzzer’ by Simon Cowell for her outstanding song – ‘Try’.

America’s Got Talent video of Mandy’s song has gone viral with an extraordinary 144 million views on Facebook (up from 95 million views in the first week of June) and 16 million views on YouTube – making one of the most successful upcoming talented deaf-singer!

Extract from My News LA article:

“I don’t think you’re going to need a translator for this,” Simon Cowell told 29-year-old singer Mandy Harvey, deaf for a decade.

The creator and judge on “America’s Got Talent” then gave Harvey the Golden Buzzer, showering her with confetti and sending her to the live show in the NBC series.

Harvey is no stranger to acclaim, however.

The vocal music education major at Colorado State University in 2011 won the VSA (Very Special Arts) International Young Soloist Award.

She’s produced three albums already, and her original song “Try” — performed Tuesday night on “AGT”.

Image from Instagram:

She’s never giving up. #AGT ✨ @mandyharvey

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YouTube video:

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