This Mother’s Day… Let’s Say Thank You!

This blog is dedicated to all the Mums of D/deaf children and adults, who have gone above and beyond to help make our world a better place.

Coming to terms with deafness

I can’t begin to imagine the thought and realisation of what parents who have no experience or family history of deafness, go through when they find out their child is D/deaf.

My parents received my hearing loss diagnosis at the tender age of 9 months. The hospital gave me hearing aids and sent us on our way with very little information, and being the 90’s, there was no such thing as the internet or the wonders of social media.

With the support from my Teacher of the Deaf, my parents along with their constant determination, repetition, hard work (even blood, sweat and tears), meant that I learnt to speak, that I was able to attend mainstream school and succeeded in my education.

(Note: I’m not saying either speech or sign language is best option, every D/deaf child’s language requirements differ. I’m happy with my parents’ choice and I am now learning BSL, so I have the best of both worlds).

Will my children be deaf?

I’ve always wondered whether or not my child would be deaf, and as scary as the thought of having children, I think deaf or not, I’d be prepared and I’d love them all the same. Perhaps being a deaf Mum may have its advantages, knowing how to best communicate with the child, reading their facial expressions, but whatever the challenges, there’s always a way around them. That’s for me to find out!

Most importantly, you’re not alone

I bet it’s not an easy job being a Mum, let alone to a D/deaf or disabled child. But it’s important to know you’re not alone. There’s other Mums you can talk to, Facebook Groups, organisations and more. It just takes a little research, but there’s a whole world of resources and support out there.

Your D/deaf child will go far!

As far as my motto goes; ‘Deaf people can achieve anything they dream of, given the right support. Don’t let anything stand in their way!’

It may be a slow process to start, but I promise you, with the right support they can do anything. The world is their oyster!

It might seem hard, but please do not give up on us. They may turn around and surprise you! I certainly did by studying German A Level and becoming an award-winning blogger!

My Mum inspired me to give things a try, to do my best, to stay strong and rise above the critics and doubters and prove them wrong. For that, I’m forever thankful.

We appreciate it!

Of course, Dads are amazing too! But for today, it’s for the Mums…

Dear Mum, We may not say it enough, but we really appreciate everything you do. This Mother’s Day, we’d like to say a big Thank You!