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Wednesday, October 28, 2020
dr reuben conrad

Conrad at 100

Professor Graham H. Turner salutes Dr Reuben Conrad, whose groundbreaking research in the late 70s proved that depriving deaf children of the opportunity to...

Truth or myth? Can Deaf people drive?

Turning 17... The age when people can learn to drive. Excited by the thought of independence or the daunted by the concept of being...

ASIMO Robot learns Sign Language

Meet ASIMO, one of the world’s most well-known humanoid robots. ASIMO was created by Japanese manufacturer Honda back in 2000 and is one of the most advanced robots in the world, possessing the ability to walk independently, climb stairs, understand gestures and spoken commands, and mimic many other human functions accurately.

‘The Silent Child’ wins Oscar

The film ‘The Silent Child,’ which followed a young deaf girl being isolated until taught sign language, has won the Oscar for Best Live...
Who says deaf people can't do anything? - Dean Barton-Smith

Look back: Sporting greats – Dean Barton-Smith

It’s 25 years since Dean Barton-Smith, Member of the Order of Australia, became Australia’s first deaf Olympian at the Barcelona Olympic Games to compete...

Deaf = ‘Undateable’? – Who says?

A new series of Channel Four’s 'The Undateables' has recently started, I almost feel guilty admitting to watching it and even more so to enjoying it. Particularly, one episode which features a young deaf lad sparked interest.
reels in box

Power in Our Hands: It all started with a dusty pile of showreels in...

As BDA documentary Power in Our Hands which premiered last November prepares to go on tour Kevin Watson finds out how the project began. A chance discovery during...
spotlight on deaf women health uk

Spotlight on Deaf Women Health UK

A group of woman recently got together to create a unique place for Deaf women to be able to discuss their health issues in...
Sign Culture

Introducing Signed Culture (BSL)

https://vimeo.com/202925284 You a Deaf BSL user? Like going to BSL accessible Theatre, Museum tours or Art Gallery events? That’s why Signed Culture is here. Signed Culture, which used...

Myths and misconceptions around deafness

Perhaps because I live and breathe it, I can’t quite understand why there are still so many inaccurate perceptions about deafness and hearing loss?