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Three - BSL video screen shotvideo

Three launches free in-store Sign Language service for customers

https://vimeo.com/234307553 Three UK partners with Sign Solutions to enable Deaf customers to receive in-store support Three is launching a new in-store Video Relay service to help...

Starbucks promote We Sign Cafe (BSL)

- It’s not uncommon for customers visiting London’s Jubilee Place, Canary Wharf Starbucks to sign “good morning” and “thank you” as they place their orders....
Princess Alice of Battenberg

Prince William pays tribute to deaf great grandmother Princess Alice

While on a visit to Israel, Prince William (second heir to the throne following Queen Elizabeth II’s reign) spoke fondly of his deaf great grandmother, Princess Alice, and the life she led.

Cardiff Deaf Centre building refurbishment fund – they need your vote

https://youtu.be/QH2ucOerBHE The Cardiff Deaf Centre is an old building, built in the 1900s; it was previously managed by the local council and over the years...

‘The Silent Child’ wins Oscar

The film ‘The Silent Child,’ which followed a young deaf girl being isolated until taught sign language, has won the Oscar for Best Live...
Paul Ntulilavideo

Let’s meet Paul Ntulila!

https://vimeo.com/226307843 (Note: Video includes British Sign Language and subtitles) It has been over a month since kids have returned to school and students attending the university -...

Power in Our Hands online now (BSL)

https://vimeo.com/204640918 "Power in Our Hands", the BDA's ground-breaking feature length documentary released in 2015, is now available to watch in the comfort of your own...
The Deaf Association celebrate the news outside the meeting.

Tears of joy at planning meeting as deaf-friendly flats are approved

Extracted from The Herald – 1 June 2017 – By Rachel Dodd There were tears of joy this evening as plans for a block of deaf-friendly flats...
emily and assessor inside car with satnav

Has letting the SatNav do the talking done the trick?

Even with interpreters – of which the DVSA confirmed it would cover the cost in 2015 – practical driving tests are stressful for deaf...

Chats with Dr Audrey Cameron – the first Deaf Doctor in Scotland

Charlene Dolan from Deaf Roots & Pride - BDA Scotland had the opportunity to interview Dr Audrey Cameron CChem MRSC. Dr Audrey Cameron gained...